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What is OTK spanking?

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In my humble opinion no spanking should be without an OTK element. I am, of course, referring to consensual spanking between adults as part of sexual role play. If you are asking about punishing a child then you should really skip this answer altogether.

All spankings should start OTK because:

  1. It creates a feeling of intimacy between the domme and sub.
  2. It allows the domme to warm up the sub’s bottom properly with a bare hand before other implements are utilized.
  3. The sub can get much stimulation where it is needed from writhing around on the domme’s lap.

Many couples, especially those who start out with this kind of play make the mistake of not warming up the sub’s bottom properly. The ideal is to gradually build up the intensity of the spanking to allow the skin to become accustomed to the slaps and for the body to release enough adrenaline and dopamine to numb the pain sufficiently.

A disaster that is sure to happen is to make your beloved bend over and immediately climb in with a cane. I would wager that your potential sub will be less than keen to ever repeat the scenario in the future.

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