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What does it feel like to be lashed?

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In the BDSM scene the whip is the last … and very last (I mean it) implement that you should consider for role playing.

The reasons are two-fold:

  1. A whip has the potential to incur more harm than almost any other instrument.
  2. A whip is not all that easy to control.

The biggest problem is that a whip is easier to control if you are hitting hard – if you want your lashes to fall securely it is not going to be pleasant for your slave and you might do permanent damage.

Trying to whip softer is really difficult and you are likely to end up all over the place.

Remember – if you take your slave’s eye out that is going to be the end of your fun and games.

If you are really skilled and want to move up from a cane, I would rather advise a shambok. Much easier to control and capable of delivering enough intensity for even the most seasoned slave.

Now, with that all out of the way, how does it feel to be lashed?

The simple answer is that it hurts. For most people too much to be enjoyable.

Both the master and slave must be very, very experienced before these instruments are considered.

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