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Is it acceptable to playfully very slightly spank a girl as a part of flirting?

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You would be surprised by how many women harbors spanking fantasies and would be very open to the idea of being playfully spanked.
I was certainly amazed at how many Tinder conversations that I’ve had turned in this direction. Bearing in mind that these were lengthy text conversations.

And therein lies the key.

If there is trust and you are sharing thoughts in a relatively save space, then you can gently bring up the topic.
But meeting a girl face-to-face and, without warning, start getting physical with her will most likely get you in hot water. Your actions should be appropriate in the given context.

Let me give you an example:
At a Sexpo I walked past a BDSM stall and one of the models sneaked up behind me and unexpectedly swatted me with a riding crop. Now normally I am all for getting spanked. But this was so unexpected and happened without warning in front of all those people.

I ran …

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