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Do women like spanking men?

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Yes there are but they are in my experience, not all that plentiful. Even in this day and age of feminism there seems to be a stigma to woman taking the dominant role.

In the minds of many women.

Many will be intrigued by it but during conversation they will admit that you don’t feel dominant enough to take on the role of Dom. They prefer to be the Sub.

Very interesting to me, indeed.

Now as I am a Switch I am always looking for women who will be comfortable with both roles but, as I have said, most prefer to be submissive.

Quite a frustration, if you ask me.

Now I am not bringing typical FemDom’s into the equation because this role is strongly associated with humility and that has no place in my world.

I am all about pleasurable and sensual giving and receiving of spankings, not the ugly and brutal stuff that one usually find on the interwebs.

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