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Does anyone spank with a hairbrush?


A hairbrush is, after the bare hand, probably the most suitable implement for an OTK spanking.

This is because the position of the spankee makes is fairly impossible to use a long implement. A sturdy hairbrush is just the correct length and capable of delivering a stinging spanking that a naughty bottom is not likely to forget.

Please note that I am referring to consensual, adult spanking.

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The Sadist Guide to Making Money Online: How can I start my own T-shirt business?

So you are almost broke and without hope. You have applied for hundreds of positions and none were successful. You are running out of cash and very fast at that. You can’t afford to spend any money on buying courses and you most definitely can’t spend money on equipment to start a business.

In this 49 page | 8758-page booklet I am going to get you on the path of starting up a business for as little as possible. You see, I know all about the position that you are in. I know all about the fear, angst and self-loathing that you are feeling.

So I offer this to you for FREE. I really hope that it can help you.

It is not a theoretic discussion with nonsense like “if you dream it you can do it” or “it will be if it’s meant to be”.  None of that crap. This is a practical, step-by-step guide that will tell you what to do to get yourself out of the crappy position that you are in.

Now, of course it is impossible for me to put everything that might be of relevance into this booklet. So be sure to sign up for my newsletter on my website so that I can send you more stuff in the future.

And make no mistake, doing something like this is no joke. You are going to have to work harder than you have probably ever worked in your life. 30 hour days can be expected in the beginning, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

But do you really have many other pressing matters keeping you occupied at the moment?

This post is a little bit different from what I usually do. I am posting two versions:

  1. A PDF that can be viewed on this page via Scribd. It contains the correct formatting, hyperlinks and most importantly – images. I really recommend that you download this version. It is completely free, you don’t even have to sign up for my newsletter HERE.
  2. A text version on this page. It contains no images or formatting, it is basically just so that you can scan through the content before you make the monumental commitment of downloading the PDF version for free and with no strings attached. You really don’t have to sign up for my free newsletter HERE, I promise. Of course I would love you to do so because you are gonna get some awesome free stuff. But I guess free stuff is not for everybody.


Sadist Guide to Making Money Online_How can I start my own T-shirt business.pdf by Albie Kross on Scribd


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Why do I get aroused when I receive a spanking?

All day long you look forward with a dreaded fascination to tonight. You have difficulty breathing … more so to get up from behind your desk and walk around in pain sight of your colleagues.

Your arousal is painfully visible through the much-too-flimsy fabric of you suit pants. You have been in this state since she had sent you that text soon after you had arrived at work.

I FOUND YOUR MAGAZINES. BE HOME AT 6. DON’T YOU DARE BE LATE. AND EXPECT IT TO BE SEVERE. Continue reading Why do I get aroused when I receive a spanking?

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Is it acceptable to playfully very slightly spank a girl as a part of flirting?

You would be surprised by how many women harbors spanking fantasies and would be very open to the idea of being playfully spanked.
I was certainly amazed at how many Tinder conversations that I’ve had turned in this direction. Bearing in mind that these were lengthy text conversations.

And therein lies the key. Continue reading Is it acceptable to playfully very slightly spank a girl as a part of flirting?

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What does it feel like to be lashed?

In the BDSM scene the whip is the last … and very last (I mean it) implement that you should consider for role playing.

The reasons are two-fold:

  1. A whip has the potential to incur more harm than almost any other instrument.
  2. A whip is not all that easy to control.

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What is OTK spanking?

In my humble opinion no spanking should be without an OTK element. I am, of course, referring to consensual spanking between adults as part of sexual role play. If you are asking about punishing a child then you should really skip this answer altogether.

All spankings should start OTK because:

  1. It creates a feeling of intimacy between the domme and sub.
  2. It allows the domme to warm up the sub’s bottom properly with a bare hand before other implements are utilized.
  3. The sub can get much stimulation where it is needed from writhing around on the domme’s lap.

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Why do people enjoy BDSM?

BDSM is certainly not for everybody but the simple fact is that someone who has an affinity for this kind of lifestyle will never be truly be satisfied and fulfilled in a vanilla relationship.

Now not everybody who enjoys aspects of this lifestyle walks around all day long in leathers and latex and can only enjoy sex and intimacy by beating someone up or getting beaten up.

And very few people who seriously enjoy BDSM activities have anything in common with Christian Grey & 50 Shades. These books in my mind has been written by an author who was seeking to exploit a market for financial gain while having little but academic interest in the subject.

So lets set the record straight – there a more than one shade of BDSM. Continue reading Why do people enjoy BDSM?

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What is the best way to find a spanking partner near me?

Believe it or not, you can actually find partners using Tinder.

If you are a woman, plainly state in your bio that you are looking for a spanking partner.

If you are a man, the upfront approach might not work as well. I believe many potential partners will not swipe your profile because you might be seen as being too much of a threat.

No, you have to be more subtle and work a little harder. Continue reading What is the best way to find a spanking partner near me?

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How would you hurt someone who enjoys pain?

Oh this is very easy but I am having serious doubts whether I should answer this question. It has the potential to hurt countless people. With great power comes great responsibility, you know?

Oh well …

All people are hurt when their beloved withholds the thing that they are yearning for.

So you want to hurt your beloved who really likes to spend time across your knee? Continue reading How would you hurt someone who enjoys pain?

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Do women like spanking men?

Yes there are but they are in my experience, not all that plentiful. Even in this day and age of feminism there seems to be a stigma to woman taking the dominant role.

In the minds of many women.

Many will be intrigued by it but during conversation they will admit that you don’t feel dominant enough to take on the role of Dom. They prefer to be the Sub.

Very interesting to me, indeed. Continue reading Do women like spanking men?