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Want to feel what a sinful caning feels like? Ever thought of leading an innocent masseuse into temptation? Are interracial fantasies keeping you awake and feverish at night? Bare with me …


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Sasha’s Tail

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The Pale Slave

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The Story

Our valiant young hero had survived the most terrible ordeal of his life and he seeks comfort in the touch of a ebony goddess working at a nearby establishment of rather ill repute.

During his adventure they break all the rules that the girls are to abide by and they share an experience that weakened their knees and turned the floor turn into quicksand.

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Her laugh was intoxicating.

“Before we start, you must first do one thing for me. You must tell me that I must punish you for being such a naughty boy. Ask me to punish you in any way that I see fit. Do I have your permission?”

My throat was dry and husky and I barely managed to get out the words: “Please punish me, my lady”.

Reva took my hand and led me to the foot end of the massage table. She made me bend over and lay my torso flat, lengthwise onto the table. “Now grip the edges of the table with your hands, baby. You are going to need it”.

I heard the soft footsteps walking back around me and then a soft whisper, barely audible.

“Brace yourself”.

I flinched as I felt something touch against my stretched skin. I realized that she was lightly tapping her target area with the cane. But she did not stop there for what seemed like an eternity she explored my behind, upper thighs, inner thighs and perineum with the tip of the cane. Again I had to adjust my position as I was pressing uncomfortably against the edge of the massage table.

Then suddenly the tip was gone. I felt a strange stiffness in my knuckles and I realized that I instinctively clinched the edges of the massage table with my hands. I was so focused on this that I did not even hear the sound of the cane as it swept down across my exposed neither regions. Nor did I feel any pain, at first. It took around 2 to 3 seconds for my brain to register what had just happened.

She wasn’t lying about the tip of the cane curling around my thigh.

It felt like my whole body was on fire. Had it not been for the massage table, I think my legs would have given in under me. It almost felt like someone had knocked my wind out and I felt warm trickles of tears running down my face. And then came the second stroke. And the third and the fourth. I wanted to yell out “red”, but I had no breath nor the faculties to make my vocal cords form any words.

Around the eighth stroke my mind was still yelling stop (I had forgotten all about the colour-coded words at this point) but something else was happening inside of my body. The burning sensation turned into something quite exquisite. It was as if the sensation of pain went away and I started to eagerly anticipate each of the following strokes. Every time the cane came down across me it felt like a euphoric, out of body experience and I could see a white flame of energy in my mind’s eye that burned a path from my bottom right through my center into my glowing cock.

It was so intense that I thought that normal orgasms would never do it for me again. This was so much… better. The sounds of moaning became louder in the room and it took me a while to register that I was the one making those sounds. The warmth intensified in my crotch and I could feel the hot energy pouring through me. Just as ripples of spasm started to engulf my stomach, I was ripped back to reality by a kind and soothing voice that said: “You’ve been so good, baby. You took this a really well”.

“Now let’s put some oil on that poor, naughty little ass of yours before we start with the next part of the punishment”.

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