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Your soul has depth and you feel things more intensely than most other people.

This opens you up for much suffering. Many people associate darkness with being evil. I see it in a completely different light. Evil is the absence of empathy. Evil is cold and unfeeling.

Think of the mind as a house. Some people have houses with few rooms and the rooms are all well-light. Other people live in castles with many, many rooms. In most of the rooms the lights are off. Many of the rooms are only accessible through secret passages and a visitor to the house will never be able to find these rooms. And then there are rooms that the owner of the house doesn’t even know about and these rooms are occasionally discovered only by accident.

You live in a castle …

Demotivators … so very demotivational

Demotivators and Orgasm Art Memes on a variety of goodies decorated with by yours truly. Designed to titillate while making you smile with guilty pleasure.

Perfect to shock those who need a good shocking.

Available in our unique Cringeworthy Crap and Almost Acceptable ranges. Demotivators clothing that will make the angels weep and the gods gouge out their eyeballs.


Do not hesitate, you deserve to be noticed and stand out of the crowd.

Browse through our selection of clothes and accessories like cell phone covers, pillows, backpacks, beach towels, portraits and coffee mugs.

Suspend your disbelief and make the statement that you have always wanted to make.

Act quickly and buy before the Powers That Be shut us down for good! This is your only chance to get your greedy little paws on these goodies.

Yes, you have heard me right – we have already been threatened with closure because apparently we got right in the faces of those didn’t like it too much.

Get your stuff here before we have to move our business to the Dark Web.

Demotivators Clothing – I see you are very glad to see me … not!

Wear your naughty thoughts on your body. Make the world take note. Available in two fantastic ranges – Cringeworthy Crap and Almost Acceptable.

Demotivators Accessories – Spank them into paying attention!

What is a lifestyle without naughty accessories?

Demotivational! Nothing illustrates  your lack of motivation and the excuse for a human that you are than by the stuff you use to display your personal brand of deviancy.

spanking ebony phone cover

Find the right ornaments to express your lifestyle here.


Demotivators Home and Living – Where your guests come first.

Everybody will remember your house. For all the wrong, sinful reasons …

Stick both of the middle fingers of each hand up and tell the world that you are done with conformity. Like a tattoo on Mike Tyson’s face this has classy written all over it.

winter is coming beach towel

Coffee mugs, towels, pillows and wall art will transform your dwelling to the hedonistic temple that it could be.

Bare Me Erotic Books and Stories

Bare Me Erotic Books and Stories will make you bare yourself as well as we get intimate with our thoughts, fantasies and sinful desires.

Bath time sexy reading

Want to feel what a sinful caning feels like? Ever thought of leading an innocent masseuse into temptation? Are interracial fantasies keeping you awake and feverish at night?

Look no further – works published on Amazon feature here.

This includes Kindle, Paperback and Audible.

Works are available in electronic format, paperback (print on demand) and audio. In fact, if you subscribe to my insidious newsletter on the right hand side of the screen, you will gain immediate access to an audio story that I am currently working on.

Sasha’s Tail

Sasha's tail poolside schoolgirl lesbian

This is what Quora thinks of my writing:


Indulging in my lewd writing will not only feel really, really good … it is also the right thing to do. You will be helping me produce more of these to stimulate your naughty little mind with.

Come on over to the dark side of erotic fantasy.


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